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Calling all Fangirls

I've started With The Jonas Brothers.How? I really love Hannah Montana back then And So,I saw The Music Video of When you look me in the eyes,It's a really great Song and Nick's Voice just melts you,It sounds as Of An Angel's.But then,As Time passed by I got really bored with him.

             Year 2011:CODY SIMPSON
A friend of mine introduced me to Cody Simpson,I didn't liked him at first And thought IYiYi was a stupid Song.Then 'ALL DAY' Came out and My friend was all over that song,She brought her ipod to school so that i could listen to it,I got really annoyed but i feel bad for her effort because it's a risk to bring an ipod to school.I didn't like the song at first But,As i watched the music video( March  6 2011) I got addicted to it
And So,That's How it started.Freaked out when he followed me on twitter (May 21 2011)  But he never tweeted me eversince.


I fell in love with the Song What makes you Beautiful,It started there.They Are really Silly and Funny,Especially Louis.my parents spent A lot of money because of my addiction,Albums,T-shirts and etc.
I feel really bad for the new fans,They were Called 'Directionators' By Directioners.See,My friend got bullied because she was new and eversince i heard that,my heart started to ache,I started to tear up.To me,It makes no difference A Fan Is A Fan.Then I got bored and then i suddenly deleted the One Direction stuffs on my Pc and Cellphone.

2013:The Wanted
The friend i mentioned earlier,The one who got bullied,Asked me to download her A Video i forgot her reason.And So I Did,I watched it because i was Bored And i loved it.Actually,I really liked the song glad you came,I have it on my phone and listen to it seldomly.Then my friends were singing the Song 'Gold Forever' The part 'Butterflies,Butterflies' were stuck in my head And i Started to download their songs and Had A Crush on Tom Parker.Mwuaha.

That Addiction Stopped,As i had a crush on our classmate,So it only lasted two months,And then had a crush on this guy for a month.
After that,My life got boring again.
Those were the times where i don't laugh much,I was Really Rude,Don't smile that much And slept alot in class.
Then One day, I remember February 26 2013,I checked the songs i have on my pc,Played a random Song then A Korean Song played,I rushed to play the next one cause,It's been a long time since the last time i listened to a korean song and actually like it.So,That song was 'Sorry Sorry' And I played it over 30 times ang got LSS by the next day.I really feel weird and Happy That i was smiling like a retard.Dominique thought that i was acting different and asked what's up? I told her everything,,I felt that she can relate because she's a huge K - POP fan,It was Insane.As In Super.

Super Junior:
They Made me Happy more than Anyone.They Made me Cry more than anyone.
I've been a fan since 2008,I was 10 years old.
I really have this feeling That i will never get sick of them unlike what happened with the other groups i admire.I promise Siwon Oppa that I will Be An ELF  till the end.