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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )


Hello everyone,it's been awhile! I've finnaly edited my layout haha
I miss posting stuff though...escpecially about Kpop

I feel really sad about what heppened to south korea there were still like 200 people who are missing ebcause of the accident :(

And then I recently read on Facebook that Kai fainted when they were practing and then he was sent to the hospital? Is that true or?

But anyways,I can't wait for EXO K to perform overdose...I saw EXO M's already and im not really used to them performing with six members only :"( awww

And that almost all of the members aren't feeling well...awww :"(

Get better Oppas! You should rest first because you've worked hard for this come back <3

Anyways....Welcome to Overdose Era :")