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Updated 27 facts about Peculiarczar

Apparently, back when I was fourteen years old I made a post about 27 facts about me, and I can't help but glue my face to the wall out of embarrassment. So, I'm going to make a new one.

1.) I am a Nursing Student and , I want to become a doctor someday
2.) I will do whatever it takes to go to London and that's where I'm planning to practice after my years here in the philippines
3.) My favourite numbers are 4, 7, 8, and 11 and other numbers that end with 4,7 and 8, I dunno really . I just have a good feeling about those numbers although I don't really believe in luck
4.) I am still battling anxiety but, I'm working on it pretty well as compared to the past
5.) I am still not a huge fan of reporting
6) Writing stuff helps me relax, so while taking breaks on school work, my magical thinking works then I write, write, write or sleep
7.) I'm still in love with the idea of sleep
8.) I truly am indolent, but I'm not as lazy as before
9.) I am still in love with the rain
10.) I learned to love books although, they are still an effective sedative
11.) Food is life
12.) My favourite nursing subjects are, NCM105 or psych nursing and pharmacology ( I am not kidding )
13.) I usually finish the exam first and I don't know why
14.) I am very scary when I get angry because my patience is no joke and when it runs out, you better run as well
15.) Popcorn is still the best dog in the world for me
16.) I am going to graduate by April 5, 2018 ( yes, I claimed it )
17.) If there is something that didn't change about me, that would be my laugh
18.) I'm still the maknae
19.) I'm not as emotional as I am before, yes, it's true and to those who are against it, I know how to hide a dead body really well until you become fertilizers ( haha kidding )
20.) I am a ninja
21.) my favourite colors are lilac, gray and black
22.) I am in love with the piano version of sad songs, they are my lullabies
23.) Dancing , singing and writing are my hobbies, as well as identifying a person's defense mechanism or counting how many times they yawned or sneezed
24.) I still ask bizarre questions but, I only keep them to myself
25.) I don't care as much as I did before
26.) I study by heart otherwise, it won't really sink in to me
27.) I have tryptophobia, so don't you dare or I'll put your head inside a box and send it to your family ( kidding again )

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