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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )


I remember saying that I'm okay with Taemin and Na Eun.
Aish!Here i go again :"( Drama Drama! Uhh! This will be my last post about them! I'm Done :D
Just a few minutes ago I was listening to APink and then i saw a photo on my timeline:

I was Dazed and then i remember the day when they had a staring contest,I cried.
And Now,Nothing Changed.It is painful to see your ULTIMATE BIAS with another girl (Akala mo boyfriend ko eh)  I'm a bit curious with the episode but i'm sure that i will break down and cry (AS ALWAYS) I know he's happy with her but as a fangirl IT HURTS :'(

Na Eun Unni! Take Care of Taemin Oppa.If you hurt him,Remember that there are millions of Shawols and Taemints AHAHA i'm just kidding! Taemin is precious to us :")
Hwaiting To Taeun! (OUCH!)



Look at the number 1234 ahahahha.
Nothing,I just thought it was cool XD


Here is a list of the top ten things that i want.
Note sa kung sino man nakabunot sa akin :))

10.Android Phone- I'm currently using a nokia phone that is super old and i can barely hear anything or understand anything when im talking to someone on the phone.And I find it really difficult to text because it's too TINY.

9.AVRIL LAVIGNE ALBUMS - because I love Avril  ahehe
8.New Headphones- Because I love listening to music and because i don't have my own headphones,It sucks. :(

7.Cher Lloys Sticks and Stones USA VERSION - I still don't have it which is kinda sad :(

6.A Phablet - A phone and a tablet in one,yey! (wuduhull?) I really want oneeeee <3

5.Star Wars collectibles - Like Figurines,Shirts or whatever. :)) PLEASE! I ACCEPT DONATIONS!
Darth Vader is My fave :3

4.Super Junior Albums - Since I only Have Bonamana and A - CHA,i want more.

3.F(x) Albums - I have NU ABO and Pinocchio,I REALLY WANT THE ELECTRIC SHOCK ALBUM PUHLEASE <3 :3 

2.SHINee - I only have Lucifer By SHINee and that's it
Somebody please buy me some merch :)


of course ahahaha
Exo socks,Exo shoes,Exo posters,Exo Stickers,Exo shirts,Hoodies,Albums and EVERYTHING
I really want the Growl Album 
Kung sino man nakabunot sakin Bilin nyo yung Growl Kiss version but if you're generous enough bilin mo na din ang Hug version :))
IIyak talaga ako <3


Bias Problems


HELP ME! I am having problems with choosing my #1 bias in Exo.If you look at my blog at the bottom part,you can see the Sehun's picture captioned as my #1 Bias but WHY DOES IT FEEL SO WRONG?!!?!?   WHY? WHY WHY? WAEYOOOO? My friends made me choose my bias,The choices are Sehun and Baekhyun.WAHHH I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!@?!?@?@HFBDUFDGW87

Sometimes my Bias is Sehun.Sometimes it's Kai.Sometimes it's Baekhyun,Luhan or Lay.Most of the time it's Sehun,Baekhyun and Kai.But when we ate at jollibee and LouLou asked me "Akin Na lang si Luhan" I don't know what to say or what to do AHAHA ANG BIGAT NYA SA FEELING and i want to CRY SO BADLY

It's really hard to let go! Naging number one ko din kasi si Luhan last july XD 

                                                                    He's So cute :">

Tapos Yung sa Wolf Drama Version.OMO! Le Drools~ Luhan is So HOT there,I literally melt everytime i watch it especially when the camera focuses on his FACE :">
He's So adorable pa awwww :3
he looks so cool when he's dancing,HE'S AN AMAZING DANCER.
AMAZING SINGER (we Drifteeeed apart LOL) 
Plus sya yung Second ko na nakilala and naging Bias sa Exo XD


He makes me wanna cryyyyyyy :")
He made me cry alot
It's not his fault though ahaha
Before,He was just Taemin's Replacement arrgggh  i feel bad
1st Bias In Exo
I really hate Abs AS IN!For me it's a major turn off,He is the only exception <3 :"> (SORRY ULIT)
He is so cute when he's so shy and when he does aegyo AWWW :">
AHH BASTA,He's also HOT (SORRY ULIT) aish! this is so embarrassing XD
Especially when he's dancing le drools~ WOAH :O NGANGA
I'll stop here


Men! He is so ADOWABLE
Whenever he sings,Butterflies will flow all over my body and then I will Melt ~~~~~
He wrecks my bias list all the time
And then his killer smile awwww :">


Exo M Bias aahahhahaha.
Hmm,He's so cute :3
Especially on Running man,AWWWW!
And when he speaks korean :>
ahhhhhh I will end naaaaaaa XDDDDDD

Finally,Sehun ah~

Wew~ Hello,we've been through so MUCH (naks!)
For me,He is the Aegyo King and the best dancer In Exo 
He never failed to make me smile 
one look at his face brightens my day
He also disturbs me alot 
Like on exams,He will always be in my head
Doing Aegyo and dancing Awwww :3
I remember the day when i took the Ateneo Exam ahaha XD
Anyways,He never left my top 2
He is always there but it always get mixed up and it leaves me puzzled 
He's so GWAPO pa then Bagay DAW kami (DAW)
I don't know 
I love Sehun So much...Baekhyun too,Kai,Lay and Luhan arghghghghghgh =_=

p.s. I just watched exo showtime episode 1 and they are so adorable
I dont know what to dooooooooooooo




Ni Hao! Annyeong! I finally have a favourite Yeoja Idol :)) Ailee Unni <3
I always listen to her song U&I ahaha i even mastered the steps (I suck though)
She's really pretty and talented.Support Ailee Unni like I do because SHE'S AMAZING <3


Luna And Onew

Hi! Last time i posted about my OTP (Victoria and Leeteuk) Well,Here is my Second Pairing :))
Luna Unni and Onew Oppa.Why? Because they look so cute together.
:"> I just think that they look so cute because they are both cute,And Luna Unni is so hyper,full of energy and Onew is really funny and has lots of body gags (Check Shinee's funny moments on youtube if you haven't seen it and you don't get it) They BOTH SING REALLY WELL,BOTH ARE MAIN VOCALS Plus Luna Unni wanted a duet with Onew Oppa (Weekly Idol with F(X))and i actually felt giddy when she said that AWWW :'>

They look So Cute <3


Flashback (moments of fangirling)


This is the time na nawawala na talaga feels ko kay Taemin (Sa lagay na to) And Baekhyun ang Bias ko

This is the time when I was so Heart broken (NAKS! DRAMA EH KAINIS) Then Naging Bias Ko si Kai kasi nga Nakikita ko si taemin sa kanya HUHUBELLS :"<

Eto naman nung Nanlalamig ang puso ko kay Taemin
Depress na Depress Talaga ako sa kanya
Si Na Eun kasi Eh :"(
Then After how many months of not having a permanent Bias on Exo,I finally DECIDED that Sehun Is My Bias.But Now,I'm having conflicts and my BIAS LIST IS SO GULO!
I don't even want to talk about it so i will end here :))

Wahaha,So Embarrassing! WALA EH FANGIRL EH!


Exo Showtime

Annyeong!Hi! You have NO IDEA kung gaano ako ka excited for this!   Since it i can watch it on time yesterday,I decided to wait for the eng subs nalang  .  They Released the full version of episode 1 with eng subs YEY! BUT I can't post the vid so here are the links: (credits to baekhundred :)) )



I am super duper excited.I watched the teaser and the preview of the show and I WAS SO THRILLED WAAAAAHHHH! Baekhyun is so cute <3 :>


Super Junior Blue World

HEY! ELF! Yey! New single! <3
Let us Rejoice ajajaja

Here is the link to the short ver. of the Music Video



6 months with Exo

in two days i will celebrate my sixth month with exo.I will make this post short before it  goes dramatic (AHAHA!) Yep!Maybe i liked exo a little late than the other fans but that won't stop me :)) I've seen other fans stop liking exo because they were bullied because their new and that they don't know much about Exo.Well,That's not nice :(

Anyways! More months with Exo.Hwaiting! Saranghae <3 :)))

the first exo photo i downloaded (naligaw lang sya sa SUJU dati)

Di ko yan sila pinapansin dati,Iniisip ko mga boret sila ahaha XD
Si Bias oh tsaka si #2,Ang shunga ko talaga nung summer.Bakit kasi nag iignore eh magugustuhan mo din sila mamaya.Napaka lozer eh.
And cute pa naman ni Sehun dyan <3



ME and my friends were having a Aegyo Battle recently.I seriously Suck at Aegyo ARRR! (ANG SARAP KONG SAPAKIN) It's really corny but i feel really stressed that i suck at it....I don't know why (OMO LEENLEE Y U SO WEIRD) Alam mo yun pinipilit ko na MAKNAE ako pero lozer ako sa aegyo waaahhhh.Gusto ko talaga maging magaling sa Aegyo,Ewan ko kung bakit! Pero gusto ko talaga ahaha,Kainis ako noh? Sometimes i think that it's because of Sehun.I actually Hate Aegyo,Even if Suju does it,I find it really annoying but i guess i got used to it.Ahaha.I think Aegyo is for people who seeks attention but i was wrong...It's actually FUN XD. #Aegyo

Why Can't I be as good as him? LOL NAKAKAHIYA MAN AKO XD 
I mean look at him! He's so adorable! Sarap tirisin <3
OA ko noh? Okay na din ako na nasa top 3 AJAJA.
Hwaiting for me! The battle isn't over yet <3 wahaha
Papanindigan ko na MAKNAE AKO! <3



Yep.AHAHA,you guys might be against it but,I really ship Victoria unni and Leeteuk Oppa ahaha <3
I think they look cute together...Umm,Im pretty sure you've watched the episode of Strong Heart with Victoria there and Leeteuk and they were talking about the time when they were at the waiting room and the members of SUJU got into a fight because Donghae and Kyuhyun poured water onto leeteuk who was about to take a nap.So,Leeteuk got mad because of it AHAHA (they are so adorbs) And that's how i noticed that Victoria and Leeteuk are cute together AWWW <3
What do you think? AHAHA Leeteuk Oppa Saranghaeyo! Victoria Unni SARANGHAEYO! <3
Wah,I do hope that they end up together <3


Bias List (EXO)

After how many months...Finally <3


P.S. Pinaghirapan ko ito XD



Hello! It's really weird that im writing a post about APink,AHAHA.
I don't really hate them and i actually think that they are cute girl group,It's just that im really jealous about Taemin and Na Eun because he is my UB after all(Kahit baliktarin nyo pa ang mundo Ultimate ko talaga sya).Arggghhhh uhmmmm how do i say this ajajaja,I remember back in April when i was so addicted to SHINee and Taemin was my Bias and i thought that we were meant to be (so embarrassing lol) And i literally took every quiz about SHINee on the net and the results were always Taemin.So,it got my hopes up and i was so happy.I knew that he was on WGM but i didn't mind it until i saw photos and some links about it that made me really upset.It says that he Likes this girl (I didn't know Na Eun then) so i researched  about it and then i started crying ahaha.

I really had enough,Sayang lang luha ko ahaha.I really need to accept it,Since Ultimate ko nga si Taemin dapat masaya ako sa kanya kasi syempre hindi sya masaya na binabash ko si Na Eun XD

Well,If he's happy with Na Eun then I should be too :))
That's it,Ayoko nang mag drama <3