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2 days before my Birthday and Kyuhyun's debut anniversary

It's really awesome 
The day that i found out about it
I really got more excited for my birthday
It's my 15th birthday
and his 7th Year anniversary in SuJu
On Monday
More years for Suju
Hwaiting! <3

100 days before Heechul returns

 Bias #4


he's pretty

He's hot too

He's very amusing and funny

He's very talented and artistic

They say he's not human

Maybe because he's too perfect

Yeah,Come back soon Oppa <3

Donghae Bias #3


For me,He is the most good looking person in Suju

He's good a crybaby too

He looked dorky before
But look at him now
His looks will kill you

He's still the sweet little child
Don't forget DORKY
He still gets easily lonely
His aegyo will make you smile

People think he looks cold
But he is really kind hearted

Donghae Oppa <3

Kyuhyun Bias #2

Got addicted to him for a long period of time
The first one that caught my attention
He's the one that got me into liking Suju
in the first place.

I heard Sorry Sorry first on the radio
Then i saw it on Myx ALOT

This is kyuhyun 2009

Then i got addicted to Neorago <3
And then Supergirl by Super Junior M

He's really adorable
DraKyu,EvilKyu,GameKyu etc.Kyu

He used to make me cry alot
seeing his face
 hearing his voice
Especially when he hits those high notes~Killah
They say oppa is not A Good Dancer
It's not true though
Maybe,When they make him dance freestyle
But he got really better

He's the youngest
He always get his hyungs go speechless
But they love him that way
He's a very special person

And I love him so much <3

Eunhyuk Bias #1

He Was Dorky
He was skinny
He got nicknamed Anchovy

Some people say he looks like a monkey
Sometimes he looks like my classmate Dan louie

He got older
He got muscles
Het got Abs

He gave us a shock
Who knew he'd turn
fierce and sexy

Some things didnt change at all
He's still the innocent crybaby
He's still a dancing machine
Still funny and bright
And there is still EunHae

His pink beautiful gums that annoy the members
His beautiful smile the melt hearts like water

He keeps his promises even though they were ages ago

Even though alot of people looked down on him
He was Strong



Well here's the thing,It will happen when i have classes and I'm already a senior so i need to focus more.The chances are waaaaayyy to slim and my heart is breaking </3 I need 10k ATLEAST! I can't stand it.It's exciting though upsetting cause heenim won't be there  nor leeteuk or yesungie :(

AHH,I hope i can go and if i can go,It will be memorable coz it'll be the first concert ill ever attend <3 Like what my friend said,A concert is a once in a lifetime experience.

I Hope the other E.L.F. can go and have an AWESOME EXPERIENCE.
Super Junior Hwaiting!