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Last week was our JS Camp and I was really having fun at that time that,I noticed that time passes really fast.Even My mates were saying that (Domz,Shashi,Grace,Kim,Lou and Cel)

First day of Camp:
Kim keeps on telling me that after this day and the day after,we're gonna head back home.

Second Day of Camp:
I kept on telling my friends that OMO! WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW :(

Last Day Of Camp:
We're gonna leave in a few hours.
BAM! we're home....And we're tired...really tired.

And This Week Was Our Sembreak...Which was also very fast!
In two days,We're gonna resume our classes ARRRRGGGGGHHHH
But,I will see my friends Again <3
I missed them so much <3 :")
Going back to school means That i won't have much time on the Net though :"(
Might as well kiss Exo goodbye...LOL NO AHAHA

We're really worried about the Seat Plan because our seat plan is PERFECT  <3
Plus,We only have 5 months left together AWWWWWW #CourageFivelife #CourageFivever
I'm actually excited to go back to school HAHA :")


Bias List

I find it Really hard to Arrange It and It's really stressful (You can Ask Celina about it)
It's Also Time consuming.If only Tao Can stop the time for us then there wouldn't be a problem HAHA.
So instead I arranged the Groups because it is easier than arranging solo artists or members (Especially Exo and SUJU) So here it goes:

1.EXO (Obviously)
It's Very Difficult to choose one BIAS unless you're the type of person who only likes one member....DUH CZAR DUH.Exo is really cool and AMAZING ahaha BASTA.
I have a lot of things to say to this group but it will take a FOREVER so let's move on.

Oh Dear,They are my First Love (Kyuhyun,6th grade) Ahaha.And I love their Songs and they are really hilarious and......ARAGHRGRHGHGHJDSGJKD DAEBAK! ahaha

Lucifer ARRGGGHH and oh,Taemin and I also love key....I actually love all of them i mean COME ON.
jonghyun and Onew's voice are to die for and Minho....Tsk tsk Minho is just perfect LOL.

 Na na na na na na Electric Shock.Favourite Girl Group <3
I dont have a bias in F(x) because i love em all <3
Beautiful stranger and Ending Page are my faves

I love KWANGMIN <3

Speechless....Hyorin Unni's voice....I have nothing to say at all....<3

I was a fan since 5th grade
Yep,I love them <3



Awesome Group AHAHA

That's about it,I'll stop here because there are too many GROUPS XD


Updated Collections

I didn't include the Shirts and the posters though XD

I play NU ABO all the time,It's my favourite album so far,I was really happy when i bought it (Well,I only have five of them XD)
I really love my Sehun Postcard,I'm really glad that they didn't buy it otherwise i wouldn't have it now,Hallelujah!

Next To NU ABO,Is A-CHA it's my very first Kpop Album,I actually had a hard time at the store because i was only allowed to buy one album.I Chose A-CHA because it has my favourite Song "Opera" by SUJU <3
Then,MAMA by Exo K,It was given to me By Angela,I am very grateful to her.
Then Lucifer by SHINee and I don't play Bonamana that much XD.
I will post my other kpop stuff soon :))

-LeenLee <3

5 Months With Exo

Hello,First Off,I was brushing my teeth earlier and then i was thinking about Exo(It just popped in my head idk why?) Then I thought,Oh today is my !#@!!$ weeksary and yesterday was my monthsary.I was actually looking forward to it but i forgot ahaha.

We usually have Kwek-kwek parties or ice cream parties after our classes when one of us celebrates her weeksary or monthsary with Exo.Since My monthsary is during our Sembreak,I will just celebrate alone (Poor Me)

That's it ahaha,I was supposed to write down a dramatic post XD
more months with exo