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19 Na Tula Para Kay Fidel by Peculiarczar ( 100 Na Tula Para Kay Stella )

I would say that this is out of the blue, with the thin chances of winning the book by Jason Paul Laxamana, which is yung 100 na tula para kay Stella, isang napaka stellar na movie, I liked the compositions, the story line and the character line up, it was a good movie and it was realistic compared to the other lovey dovey stories. Panalo talaga saakin yung line ni fidel na " Ako din naman eh" kasi nga nandoon din naman sya para kay Stella, and the actors were on point nadin haha. And, Stella's " Ilang salita ba kailangan mo?" . Anyways Viva Films is holding a contest , where you submit a poem with a theme of, what would you write if you were in love with Fidel. So, that night I was too sad to write something about love, or loving a fictional character because I lost a very close friend of mine, I tried to write poems and I asked my friends to view them and see if they are okay. My poems suck, but I submitted it anyways...just because, what are the odds?

The next day, I was challenged...by me, haha, it was more of a suggestion that came from my friends to write more and so I did, I started as 6 poems then I was aiming for seventeen poems, cause I like the numbers that end with seven but, one of my friends suggested me to do 19 poems since, I'm nineteen years old haha, and so I finished with 19 poems for Fidel.

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