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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )


Hello! I have a new nickname other than Bogs,Bogsee,Czar,Leenlee,Tarsier,Tarczar,Sehun,Bim and Bimby.
Now,My friends came up with "MAKMAK"  which means MAKNAE.
Because I am The Maknae in our group (SABI KO) So it is my job to serve my Unnies AHAHA.
It's pretty tiring but,I enjoy it...ALOT! AHAHA XD I even forget about it sometimes that i use informal language to them AHAHA JOESONGHAMNIDA :D

Today,We acted as our bias for the day.
I was Sehun ahahaha <3
(He's so adorable)

I'm really excited for our report tomorrow ahaha.
I'll give you a hint.There's exo in it XD
It's about values promoted by television :))