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The Sadist's Market

The sadist’s market by Peculiarczar
 Where depressed souls visit. as it’s the place where they can sell their despair in forms of blood, screams, tears and endless sighs. The market is no where to be found on a regular map or the GPS on our regular technology. It can only be accessed by the ones who go deeper into the earth’s crust. A sacred place in which is hollow and, a dark place with shunting forces, opening gates of tranquillity and serene melodies of harps and trumpets, until you heart the loud thumping sound of that dark four corners. The sadist can be found there, presenting utopia where he sells tons of items ideal to the client, he presents it with enthusiasm saying that “ these will take the sorrow away, this will make you happy”. It comes in different forms, powders that appeared like pixie dust, liquids, extravagant that is in different forms that appeared very charismatic with a dash of amore.  Do not be fooled by the velvety ropes as it will close your curtains, or the shining, shimmering variety of blades that are dying to kiss your fragile skin. Oh, what’s that I see? A gun, he described more as a device faster that the speed of light that will make all your problems disappear. Then what about adrenaline? He talked to me about it as well, that rush that corrupts the very realistic part of your brain that makes you feel invincible. Oh, he has that too. You see, the sadist is the voice we hear, he tells you about how good it is to buy his goods and how he’s going to remove every bit of melancholy you have in you. But , you see that’s the problem that we have once we entered the sadist’s market, he’ll always be there giving your business offers like the freaking networking. But, after all those bad stuff about the sadist’s market, he does sell one thing that I always buy, a mask. A mask that withholds felicity and blissfulness, gives other people warm fuzziness but underneath. Oh, that’s what I use to pay the sadist, it fills him with joy as well. But then, what about me? Where can I find true happiness? That’s when I realized that I was a fool for accepting the sadist’s offer. The last time I visited him, I refused his offer and I returned the mask and he asked me, “ Why? What’s wrong? Doesn’t it make you happy?” . I replied with a shrug “ It’s just not right, something’s wrong” . The sadist closed the windows and he went out of his booth of masks. “ Then, head to the other direction, you the that light emitting from the mountains, go there and never return! The other clients must not hear about or I’ll be out of business” he told me.  Oh, I was quiet for I know where that is and who lies there, everything there was for free but, I guess I kind of forgotten about him. I went there right away, and I remember it well like the first time I entered that place, it was light, the flowers bloomed of roses and dandelions. I was welcomed with a warm embrace that gave me strength before I can even say a word or react, my sorrow has already been lifted, as he can see what’s beneath the hollows. I apologized for forgetting about him, for doubting, and losing faith. I was accepted as I am, happy, sad, angry or whatever I may be. To him, I was beautiful as I was made from his image. The stabbing pain on my chest felt like an ant bite, the tears were results of joy, the stumble and the falls made me resilient and strong. That’s when I swore I will never return to the sadist’s market ever again. So, do not be fooled by the sadist’s flowery words as the thorns weigh more than the beauty itself.

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