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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )


Kim:Ano? Nag evolve? Pokemon?

Weird Dream

Hi! I usually forget about the dreams that i have when im asleep.This One,I had it last night and i remember it completely.Btw,The dream wasn't that long because i already woke up.

I was out on a date with baekhyun :"> It was at Seoul,i think? because it looks like the park that Jan Di was walking at (BOF) Then we sat on the bench then we had a convo,we were speaking in korean but there were eng subs XD It's really weird and funny and a............bit upsetting :(

here's the convo:
Baekhyun: The night is really pretty,The stars are shining differently
Me: They are just the same
Baekhyun: Maybe,But the feeling is different
Me: Why?
Baekhyun: Because Im with you
Then Nag usog ako palayo sa kanya
Baekhyun: It's Sehun isn't it? What does Sehun Have that i don't have?
I didn't say a word because he started to raise his voice
Baekhyun: I love you....He doesn't love you
Then he left me at the park and i started crying and then i Woke up TADA!
Amazing ahaha! I think it's pretty cool except for the part when he told me that sehun doesn't love me aww :"(

I had a dream about sehun last Nov.1 but it was just a glimpse,I was like at the airport or hotel then he arrived,I'm not quite sure...But it was my first dream about exo XD

                                                                   Sorry Baek :))

Exo Showtime Episode 2

Just search for the full version by baekhundred with eng subs on youtube :))


I don't know much about him but he looks like amber unni and donghae oppa plus he's 13 years old.
Plus,I am his Noona.AHAHA.It's pretty weird.He's really cute and Handsome :">

Pretty Boy Problems

I saw this picture on facebook.It's really funny AHAHA

Exo Comeback: Miracles In December

Hi! Yey! Comeback! I wasn't expecting a ballad for their comeback.But,It's okay! I shed tears everytime oooooohhhhh I keep on watching it! I caught a cold recently and I'm not feeling well :( My eyes hurt.

Their voices are amazing,The video is AMAZING! It's really dramatic,makes me cry awwww! The part when they cried and sehun,Awwwww :") The song melts my heart and the lyrics are really nice! You should seriously Watch the vid and listen to the song! <3


Academe Night

Hi! It's 6:20 p.m. a few minutes before the Academic Night.We used to have the HOPE NIGHT but things are different this year :)

I wasnt allowed to join (For some reason that you wouldn't want to know) It's really SAD for my part.
I would like to thank Grace for being here with me,She even changed her outfit for me and she waited patiently here by my side at our Shop.I have to wait for my parents and then we are ready to go.
I am really excited to witness my friends when they perform.
Domz,Shashi,Cel,Jean,Lou and Norj (Glee) and OF COURSE KIMBERLOI GOSOHAN (Tambourine)
I love them and I love gracie Unni Too.God Bless them!!!! <3 I know that they are gonna Do Well!

Hwaiting to my chingus! :))
Susuportahan namin kayo ni Gracie Unni :))
Saranghae <3