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Kyuhyun Bias #2

Got addicted to him for a long period of time
The first one that caught my attention
He's the one that got me into liking Suju
in the first place.

I heard Sorry Sorry first on the radio
Then i saw it on Myx ALOT

This is kyuhyun 2009

Then i got addicted to Neorago <3
And then Supergirl by Super Junior M

He's really adorable
DraKyu,EvilKyu,GameKyu etc.Kyu

He used to make me cry alot
seeing his face
 hearing his voice
Especially when he hits those high notes~Killah
They say oppa is not A Good Dancer
It's not true though
Maybe,When they make him dance freestyle
But he got really better

He's the youngest
He always get his hyungs go speechless
But they love him that way
He's a very special person

And I love him so much <3