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We Were divided into the following groups:
#Team Shangrila

And there's alot more.
Alot of fans who were in the teams that didn't get to see them in person are of course really upset (I AM ONE OF THEM) it is an opportunity wasted but,They will return so no worries but it's still sad especially when i see my bias on T.V.!
They focused it on SEHUN and CHANYEOL ahhh! Sehunnie <3 :"(
I will get over it hopefully.....AHAHA,The time when they comeback as one group,one EXO because they are on btw,It is really a must to be a #TeamAirport and #TeamHotel and #TeamConcertVenue ahaha.

The Morning after the concert my dad bought me Pandesal for breakfast and Kai automatically came to my mind and i got sad again because he asked their manager to buy him some huhu :">

Then this lunch time i ate adobo and i lost my appetite when i remembered Kai again ahhhh...

Well,Like Celina said there are alot more concerts to come and i hope i will be able to watch them as one group :))

Here are some photos from twitter: (Credits to the owners)

-LeenLee <3