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Christmas break ❄

 안녕! ❆ I am extremely happy about our christmas break ♥ Even though i don't celebrate christmas (It's a religion thing) I will celebrate New Year's eve at Boso Boso,Antipolo at my grandma's house,I missed her so much and i can't wait to go back there ♥ I heard that they are planning to go to Baguio was it? or Laguna? IDK.I wanna go to Laguna though because i've been to Baguio several times already :) yeah,So i can't wait for my flight tomorrow.
I miss my friends already though :( Awwww,plus there's no wifi there.I don't even have LOAD! i'm also excited for KCON,I don't think that they will allow me to but they allowed me to go to the airport #TeamAirport to see Kwangmin :") .I have a problem though,I have no idea what time or what day will Boyfriend arrive :( I hope Suhlinabells and kyungsoo unnie will be able to update me because i really want to go to the airport ahaha XD
Another thing......NO EXO FOR TWO WEEKS
Because there is no WiFi,Luhan's girlfriend isn't available :( Grrr,I can't Spazz and i won't be updated.Maybe later,Sehun will have a girlfriend and stuff :"( AHAHA and i wouldn't be there.I guess that this will be my last post for this year <3 And oh,Have you watched exo showtime ep4? It's daebak! :)) ★ 
I'm turning sixteen next year wooaaahh :( I miss being 14 :") 
I hope i can go to KCON! I WANNA SEE KWANGMIN OPPA ♥♥ #TeamAiport puhlease? :")


 I will miss you Sehunnie <3 :")




  1. Ohohohoho~~~ I'll try if I could text you about what time they will arrive... Hoo... I wish they could announce it already or whatever... Hahahhhahaha Ohh... I miss you already..

  2. @jesha AHAA I MISS YOU MORE~1 OKay lang :D