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In Between

In between matcha and chocolate was coffee, you were the coffee who keeps me up at night but, I take you up anyway. In between the waves and the ocean floor is the calm water, you were the calm water, that in between the ground and the roars, you were the boundary that kept the world in balance. In between the two different stores, you were the hall, you brought me to different peaks in such a small world. In between the song and the music, you were the silent melody, I hear you the most when I don't understand anything at all. Now, you were in between the hello's and goodbye's, not being entirely sure where you stand nearer. Is it hello? or Is it goodbye? or are those two indefinite to you? . You were standing in between the stars and the grass, are you reaching for the stars or are you comfortable with the lawn? . To me, you were both the stars and the lawn, the stars as guide to a lost adventurer and the lawn to keep me comfort when I'm fatigued. You were standing in between the door of the building and the fire, you were both the door and the fire, the door as an exit to a new beginning, the fire that I kept on burning inside of me, not the one that I'm playing with. You were in between my hands and the void, you could either hold my hand or disappear completely. You were in between the writer and the reader, you were the context that keeps them thinking and guessing what's next? what's in store? but to both of them, you were different. You see, the writer knows you more as you were in between her reality and her expectations which defies the one with the reader. But, the reader fell in love with you more because you sound so perfect, yet sometimes she curses at you when you make mistakes such as let her slip of your fingers, like the soft kiss of glitters which still leaves some of it's remains in your palms. The reader screams at you because in between the lines she read, she knows there's so much more, she knows that you were about to do something and she can't stop you, because she's just a reader. In between her crystal tears and the text of despondence, Is a blissful wish that you should've done it the other way around. In between the letters Y and I, is the letter U, and here I am thinking " Why on earth did I meet you?" .  Lastly, In between every " I should've have met you" and " I should've have gone the other way" is " You were the best thing that ever happened to me".

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