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Weather and Casualties

Weather and Casualties by Peculiarczar
In my mind there was a storm, there yonder and you will see a hurricane with a variety of objects that are either nothing really or something really magical yet complex. I am not a simple storm that is acute but, like any storm I’ll only be there for a certain amount of time but, I can’t guarantee the amount of damage that I will leave on your town. Not everyone has seen me on my signal number four , some people left me after that. but , then the casualties were the ones I keep with me forevermore.
In my mind, there’s a tsunami that washed everything away when I’m so tired and I want it to be blank but, I tend to forget that I want other things to remain but it’s too late.
Some days, in my mind there was the ocean, it was as calm as the pacific, it was filled with lost adventurers and my sirens that caught them. What is wrong with me? I would ask myself as I know how these happen to me but, the truth is I wasn’t able to watch the weather forecast inside my head on a regular basis.
Sunny days with me will either annoy you or make you want to go to sea but, I would warn you about the waves and tell you to be careful. It’s all about the way you see me really, how you choose to react to the weather.
Rainy days with me are the best, while out I always found the rain perfect for the beach while they are asleep, I can make a hundred of fun activities with the rain. It’s all about you, choosing to be with me in the rain or being one of them.

Lastly, before you choose or go into my rain, read the first sentence again, you’ll never really know when the storm will arrive. Because in my head, there’s always a storm so, be careful dear. 

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