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I will start this post by saying NI HAO!
Ever since i was a kid  really love collecting things like stickers,papers and other coloroful things.
Growing up,I carried that habit with me:

I really love them even though i don't use them,My parents got mad because of the money i wasted but it makes me so happy and i guess they accepted it ahehe.
Now on my senior year i swore to myself that i will quit it with the stationeries and then i will start collecting the albums of my favourite artists.

As you can see I only have a few albums and i really feel like a lozer ahaha (You should check the videos on my PC i have hundreds of em ahaha)So,I will start saving tomorrow SEPTEMBER 23 2013 MWUAHAHA and then victory will be mine (i sound so evil)

I have seven albums all in all and i really want to multiply it by 100 so that is 700 albums :O OMO ahaha .

Recently my friend Angela gave me this:

It's actually a funny story,Me and my friends were having lunch outside of our school then me and celina were attempting to play MAMA on our phones at the same time but then we failed several times and we got really bothered so we gave up and then dominique played it on her phone.Then,Angela walked in then  she asked us who's playing it so we said that it's us (It was Actually MAMA by EXO M playing) So she asked domz if she likes K OR M then Domz said M (i think) then Angela said that she likes EXO K and her favourite is KAI then my friend started teasing me (i actually got affected a bit but it doesnt matter anyway ahaha) 

Then Last friday we were having lunch again and then Angela was there again then my friends dared me to ask angela if she likes KAILABASA ahaha
I refused so they did it and then she said that she doesnt like him anymore then I SMILED AUTOMATICALLY WHEN I HEARD THAT then suddenly she asked me if i want her to give me her EXO K album which has Kai's signature
and then I lost my appetite
So I drank some water and then it overflowed on my mouth because i was so happpppppppyyyyyyy
I actually can't forget about it 
i wanted to remind her right away when i got home but i was so tired plus i have an entrance exam the following day so i didn't have time to remind her

The next day,It was saturday,When i was taking the exam MAMA was on replay in my head,The first part,the rap part,the chorus and baekhyun's high notes kept on replaying.
I kind of regreted not reminding Angela but i was still happy that she's gonna give it to  me but then i remembered that she said that she's still gonna look for it because she said it was hidden somewhere.

We went to Mcdo after the ACET to have some lunch.
Then Angela was there
Me:Nahanap mo?
Angela: Ay,Ito oh

I felt like fainting,I was about to cry but i was too happy 
I felt really greatful
i don't even care if the cover is a bit damaged <3
I will cherish it for the rest of my life <3

So Hopefully that 700 albums will come true
Hwaiting for me kekeke~