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How I Discovered Exo

I'm gonna share a short story about how i discovered exo,It's pretty embarrassing but here it goes;

I got really addicted to SHINee especially to my bias Taemin ahehe and then I did my best with watching every video that he is on and so i downloaded SPECTRUM by S.M. the performance and it's really cool because the members are awesome performers (Taemin ayieee) they showed a short intro of the members and then i saw two pictures of taemin (i thought it was him but it was Kai) So,I started to get a bit confused at first and then when taemin started dancing after his portion there was another guy and i thought it was him again but he's not as skinny as taemin so i researched a bit and that's how i knew that it's not taemin but KAI from EXO so i didn't paid much attention.

I didn't really care about EXO back then.So days pass and then i saw YOUNIQUE UNIT MAXSTEP and i love all the members except there's this boy and he's so pretty and he looked really young (It was Luhan) and then another guy who looks alot like Taemin (It was Kai again) But his voice is really deep unlike taemin's so i assumed that it's not taemin.

I got really bothered by him so i researched again about EXO,i downloaded videos and songs.
But i didn't finish watching all the videos so i deleted them and then i tried listening to the song MAMA,I hated it and deleted it even though i only listened to the first part with the CARELESS CARELESS part.

Days pass i downloaded the song heart attack by exo and it stayed on my phone because i liked it And then my collection of exo songs started to grow.

Around the end of the month of may i was really looking forward for the music video of Trap By Henry,The teaser came out and i kept on repeating it on and on and then suddenly youtube featured WOLF by EXO,I downloaded it right away.

I didn't like it ahaha i deleted it without finishing the video.
Days pass again and i got really bothered that i deleted it so i downloaded it again both the korean and chinese version and i got really addicted to it and then i saw sehun kekeke~ <3

Then i started to download all the videos again and now here i am.
Im so happy that i discovered EXO <3 :))