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Weird Dream

Hi! I usually forget about the dreams that i have when im asleep.This One,I had it last night and i remember it completely.Btw,The dream wasn't that long because i already woke up.

I was out on a date with baekhyun :"> It was at Seoul,i think? because it looks like the park that Jan Di was walking at (BOF) Then we sat on the bench then we had a convo,we were speaking in korean but there were eng subs XD It's really weird and funny and a............bit upsetting :(

here's the convo:
Baekhyun: The night is really pretty,The stars are shining differently
Me: They are just the same
Baekhyun: Maybe,But the feeling is different
Me: Why?
Baekhyun: Because Im with you
Then Nag usog ako palayo sa kanya
Baekhyun: It's Sehun isn't it? What does Sehun Have that i don't have?
I didn't say a word because he started to raise his voice
Baekhyun: I love you....He doesn't love you
Then he left me at the park and i started crying and then i Woke up TADA!
Amazing ahaha! I think it's pretty cool except for the part when he told me that sehun doesn't love me aww :"(

I had a dream about sehun last Nov.1 but it was just a glimpse,I was like at the airport or hotel then he arrived,I'm not quite sure...But it was my first dream about exo XD

                                                                   Sorry Baek :))