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Academe Night

Hi! It's 6:20 p.m. a few minutes before the Academic Night.We used to have the HOPE NIGHT but things are different this year :)

I wasnt allowed to join (For some reason that you wouldn't want to know) It's really SAD for my part.
I would like to thank Grace for being here with me,She even changed her outfit for me and she waited patiently here by my side at our Shop.I have to wait for my parents and then we are ready to go.
I am really excited to witness my friends when they perform.
Domz,Shashi,Cel,Jean,Lou and Norj (Glee) and OF COURSE KIMBERLOI GOSOHAN (Tambourine)
I love them and I love gracie Unni Too.God Bless them!!!! <3 I know that they are gonna Do Well!

Hwaiting to my chingus! :))
Susuportahan namin kayo ni Gracie Unni :))
Saranghae <3