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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )

27 facts bout LeenLee

1.) my favourite numbers are 4,7,11,14,17,27,49,88 and 94
2.)I love Black alot
3.)I am Peculiar (Peculiar Czar)
4.)I get annoyed really easily
5.)I hate it when im mad because i do stupid things
6.)I'm crazy
7.)I have crazy friends that i love
8.)I'm lazy ahaha
9.)I can stay up all night when i'm downloading videos
10.) when im reading a book,I will fall asleep in less than 10 minutes
11.)My Bias List Is always messy
12.)I hate cleaning but i hate it when my room is a mess
13.)I get nervous really easily
14.) I love singing and dancing even though i suck at it
15.)Taemin is my ultimate Bias
16.)Stitch is my favourite cartoon character
17.)Reading is not my style,I'd rather wait for the movie
18.)I was a cold person then i became a crazy kid
19.)my favourite girl group is F(x)
20.) I really like CL
21.) I can't choose between Ailee And Hyolyn
22.)I am really mean
23.)I keep on claiming that I'm the Maknae in our group
24.)Fangirling is my life
25.)Online games are daebak
26.)I get jealous easily
27.)I cry alot


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