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In a Few Years....

There Are Three possibilities:
1.) Sehun might probably get married with someone who is not me,Preferrably a Noona (U know Sehun naman)

Syet.AHAHA.The second Pic with Boa.....EHMEGED~

2.) We Will get married.
September 27,IDK YEAR,INC church.
And we will have two kids.
Zaden and Zoonji.

Of course <3

If the #1 possibility happens:
Of course i need to accept it! It's not like i'm gonna kill that girl and force him to marry me ahaha.
I will cry,He is four years older than me though.Okay so,I'm gonna cry....ALOT.I will get angry,Probably growl,throw things,scratch my self (because i am so MAD) ,I will probably lock myself in my room,Listen to emo songs such as Remember when ahaha,I will listen to Replay By Shinee if he ends up with a Noona.I actually think that if he ends up with another girl,I will try  to marry  bias #2,Baekhyun ahaha,If it doesn't work.I will redo the process until i run out.AISH~! Try to think about it! Just seeing your bias perform with a female idol it already breaks your heart what more if it's real :")............But then you will think,But he's happy <3 And that's all that matters.And that you will find someone you deserve AHAHA.

You just witnessed another episode of Leenlee's Drama.

BTW,They performed growl recently,And It is seriously DAEBAK <3

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