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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )

27 facts (new)

1.I have a total of 37 nicknames
2.Padawan is my fave,It was given by my dad
3.I treat our pets as siblings since i'm an only child
4.Popcorn is alot like me
5.I used to like studying
6.I made over 20 accounts on facebook because of pet society
7.I became a Kpop fan when i was 10
8.The first kpop group that i saw was FTIsland but i didn't know them at that time plus kpop was new to me
9.The first kpop group that i liked was wonder girls
10.My first bias was Kyuhyun :">
11.I used to be ashamed that im a kpop fan since i thought that i was the only one in school because my classmates hate kpop
12.I'm a coward aahahaha
13.I love food
14.Sehun is my ultimate bias
15.I want to be like Baekhyun
16.I actually want to study harder but i just cant because im too lazy ahaha
17.I'm learning how to speak Thai
18.I want to go to Korea
19.I love Demi Lovato,Avril Lavigne,Cher Lloyd and Chachi Gonzales for life <3
20.I want to learn how to danceeeeee~ Kai,Teach MOI!
21.I seriously want a husky
22.I want to be a Power Ranger
23.I will take a 4 year course major in power ranging
24.I'm also a doctor,Major in Celinanology AHAHA
25.I don't like wearing socks
26.My fave movies are:
Star wars I-VI
When In Rome
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Hansel and Gretel
27.I want to adopt a tiger cub

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  1. 37 nicknames, woah! And huski's are so cute, so i want a huski too. :)