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Hello Der~~~

Yep~! So,I missed...Posting stuff and...Yeah,So.Hi! I dunno what to saaaaayyyy~~~~~

So,I messed up our thesis....I suck...ALOT.I feel bad for my partner and I'm sorry.
Then we have a fun run tomorrow YEHET~!
uhhhhh,I'm so tired.Domz and I danced in our classroom and i'm so tired.AHAHA.
Sehun has received new fnas since he changed his hairstyle :O :">

Then,Earlier.We invented a game called "Zinday Zomao" It's actually more like a RITUAL ahaha.
You say what you want to say to Zoris Zomao and the other members will repeat after you,It doesn't sound fun but when you have crazy friends like I do,It's suppa FUN ehehe.

So Angela asked me to trim her bangs but i ended up cutting them AHAHA,I didn't mean it ho I AM VERY SORRY :D

That's It....Im so tired goodbyeeeee~~~~~

credits to the owner :)))))


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