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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )

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I didn't include the Shirts and the posters though XD

I play NU ABO all the time,It's my favourite album so far,I was really happy when i bought it (Well,I only have five of them XD)
I really love my Sehun Postcard,I'm really glad that they didn't buy it otherwise i wouldn't have it now,Hallelujah!

Next To NU ABO,Is A-CHA it's my very first Kpop Album,I actually had a hard time at the store because i was only allowed to buy one album.I Chose A-CHA because it has my favourite Song "Opera" by SUJU <3
Then,MAMA by Exo K,It was given to me By Angela,I am very grateful to her.
Then Lucifer by SHINee and I don't play Bonamana that much XD.
I will post my other kpop stuff soon :))

-LeenLee <3