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Heenim's Return

I haven't posted anything for 3 months but im back now! And it's 4 days after he has been released but i was busy with school and stuff so i haven't updated my blog for his awaited Return.He will have his comeback performance and i will post it here (Hopefully on time 'cause i am really busy)

As An ELF,i will continue to support our oppas through everything and we still have a lot of em who will go to the army and of course we will be sad and depressed at first but we will learn to be patient for we the fact that they will return soon.So Now that Heechul Oppa is Back! and all the E.L.F. are rejoicing.
Heechul is one of my bias in the KPop World because he is really awesome and there's something about him that is hard to explain.

Here are some photos from KTR:

The Photos are from:

Some fans watched the live stream yesterday which is sad in my case because i was fixing our thesis which is to be passed today  huhu :(
I only saw his pictures and he looks really happy.
I'll just wait for them to upload KTR with heechul with the eng subs.LOL.

-Heechul Oppa Hwaiting!

Above is a video from his instagram :D