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September 7 heartbreak

October 24.2013
Super Show 5,Where Super Junior will have a concert in the philippines and i won't be able to go to because of school and stuff and here goes another stressful event NO it's actually more STRESSFUL because it's just this saturday and GRRR so saaaddd :(( huhu.

Well,Me and my friends will just look to the bright side that they will return as one group (EXO) to the philippines. <3

What i am upset about is SHINee aww! because the last time they went here was the year 2009 :"< aww,And I SO LOVE TAEMIN OPPA,it's really upsetting that i wont get to see him perform LIVE! awww the heart break </3

huhu,More concerts to come PULEASE?! :D

Here it is: :))

SHINee <3