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I am not very tall but I am okay ( what haha )


Here is a list of the top ten things that i want.
Note sa kung sino man nakabunot sa akin :))

10.Android Phone- I'm currently using a nokia phone that is super old and i can barely hear anything or understand anything when im talking to someone on the phone.And I find it really difficult to text because it's too TINY.

9.AVRIL LAVIGNE ALBUMS - because I love Avril  ahehe
8.New Headphones- Because I love listening to music and because i don't have my own headphones,It sucks. :(

7.Cher Lloys Sticks and Stones USA VERSION - I still don't have it which is kinda sad :(

6.A Phablet - A phone and a tablet in one,yey! (wuduhull?) I really want oneeeee <3

5.Star Wars collectibles - Like Figurines,Shirts or whatever. :)) PLEASE! I ACCEPT DONATIONS!
Darth Vader is My fave :3

4.Super Junior Albums - Since I only Have Bonamana and A - CHA,i want more.

3.F(x) Albums - I have NU ABO and Pinocchio,I REALLY WANT THE ELECTRIC SHOCK ALBUM PUHLEASE <3 :3 

2.SHINee - I only have Lucifer By SHINee and that's it
Somebody please buy me some merch :)


of course ahahaha
Exo socks,Exo shoes,Exo posters,Exo Stickers,Exo shirts,Hoodies,Albums and EVERYTHING
I really want the Growl Album 
Kung sino man nakabunot sakin Bilin nyo yung Growl Kiss version but if you're generous enough bilin mo na din ang Hug version :))
IIyak talaga ako <3