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6 months with Exo

in two days i will celebrate my sixth month with exo.I will make this post short before it  goes dramatic (AHAHA!) Yep!Maybe i liked exo a little late than the other fans but that won't stop me :)) I've seen other fans stop liking exo because they were bullied because their new and that they don't know much about Exo.Well,That's not nice :(

Anyways! More months with Exo.Hwaiting! Saranghae <3 :)))

the first exo photo i downloaded (naligaw lang sya sa SUJU dati)

Di ko yan sila pinapansin dati,Iniisip ko mga boret sila ahaha XD
Si Bias oh tsaka si #2,Ang shunga ko talaga nung summer.Bakit kasi nag iignore eh magugustuhan mo din sila mamaya.Napaka lozer eh.
And cute pa naman ni Sehun dyan <3