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Hello! It's really weird that im writing a post about APink,AHAHA.
I don't really hate them and i actually think that they are cute girl group,It's just that im really jealous about Taemin and Na Eun because he is my UB after all(Kahit baliktarin nyo pa ang mundo Ultimate ko talaga sya).Arggghhhh uhmmmm how do i say this ajajaja,I remember back in April when i was so addicted to SHINee and Taemin was my Bias and i thought that we were meant to be (so embarrassing lol) And i literally took every quiz about SHINee on the net and the results were always Taemin.So,it got my hopes up and i was so happy.I knew that he was on WGM but i didn't mind it until i saw photos and some links about it that made me really upset.It says that he Likes this girl (I didn't know Na Eun then) so i researched  about it and then i started crying ahaha.

I really had enough,Sayang lang luha ko ahaha.I really need to accept it,Since Ultimate ko nga si Taemin dapat masaya ako sa kanya kasi syempre hindi sya masaya na binabash ko si Na Eun XD

Well,If he's happy with Na Eun then I should be too :))
That's it,Ayoko nang mag drama <3